The Original oligomeric proanthocyanidins complex, discovered, isolated, standardized, and perfected by Dr. Jack Masquelier; validated by the French Ministry of Health and documented by a library of research
since 1947.

Backed by 60 years of research, history of therapeutic uses and extensive testing for safety, pharmaceutical grade FLAVAY ® extracted and manufactured from pine bark and grape seeds is imported from Southern France. The original French and European brands used in the actual scientific research are now sold under the FLAVAY ® brand name in the United States.

First extracted in 1947 and patented in 1948 by Dr. Jack Masquelier, FLAVAY ® entered the field of therapeutics in 1950 as a vascular protector in France, and has been prescribed by French doctors for nearly 50 years.

A few years later, in 1951, Dr. Masquelier received a French patent for the extraction of FLAVAY ® from maritime pine bark. In 1964 and 1965 Dr. Masquelier filed for and received two more patents. As a result, a second over-the-counter medicine was introduced into the French marketplace in 1968 and is still on sale in French drugstores and prescribed by French doctors.

Dr. Masquelier's original and only industrial manufacturing company, located in Gardonne, France.

From 1972 until 1978 intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research was conducted with Dr. Masquelier's complex for the purpose of registering it as a medicine. The spin-off is a goldmine of data regarding FLAVAY ® extracted and manufactured from grape seeds. The tangible result is the third medicine introduced in the French marketplace in 1978.

Is Flavay ® the same as "grape seed extract?"

No. FLAVAY ® is a highly defined patented polyphenol complex—but crude "grape seed extract" imitations are virtually worthless to the consumer without active, naturally-derived, oligomeric proanthocyanidins and antioxidant capacity—just as you cannot use crude oil in your car's gasoline tank. The proliferation of untested and crude "grape seed extracts" (and artificially-derived proanthocyanidins) and other offshoot imitations that are manufactured from a wide variety of methods and solvents are sold cheap. (Click here for more details.) Flavay: Certified by the Inventor: GenuineConsumers want the authentic product used in the research and FLAVAY ® brand is the guarantee of authenticity!

Flavay ® is the authentic, standardized and isolated, singular polyphenol complex defined, perfected and discovered by Dr. Jack Masquelier.

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